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Bât. B6B Morphologie ultrastructurale
allée du 6 Août 15
4000 Liège 1

Techniques d'investigation microstructurale, 30h Th, COMPÈRE Philippe, HENRIST Catherine
Ultrastructure cellulaire et tissulaire, 15h Th, 15h Pr, COMPÈRE Philippe, THIRY Marc

Physiologie et biochimie des animaux marins, 15h Th, 15h Pr, COMPÈRE Philippe


Département des sciences et gestion de l'environnement

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Publications (since 1998):

Collard F, Gilbert B, Eppe G, Roos L, Compère P, Das K, Parmentier E. 2017
Morphology of the filtration apparatus of three planktivorous fishes and relation with ingested anthropogenic particles
Marine Pollution Bulletin

Kleinteich J, Golubic S, Pessi IS, Velázquez D, Storme JY, Darchambeau F, Borges AV, Compère P, Radtke G, Lee SJ, Javaux EJ, Wilmotte A. 2017
Cyanobacterial contribution to travertine deposition in the Hoyoux river system, Belgium
Microbial Ecology

Bawin T, Seye F, Boukraa S, Zimmer JY, Raharimalala FN, Ndiaye M, Compère P, Delvigne F, Francis F. 2016
Histopathological effects of Aspergillus clavatus (Ascomycota: Trichocomaceae) on larvae of the southern house mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae)
Fungal Biology 120: 489-499

Blondieau M, Puccio S, Compère P, Hatert F. 2016
Minéralogie de l'ancienne mine plomb-zinc de Rabotrath (Lontzen, Belgique)
Bulletin de la Société Royale des Sciences de Liège 85 : 30-35

Ponsard J., Cambon-Bonavita M.-A., Zbinden M., Lepoint G., Joassin A., Corbari L., Shillito B., Durant L., Cueff-Gauchard V., Compère, P.
Inorganic carbon fixation by chemosynthetic ectosymbionts and nutritional transfers to the hydrothermal vent host-shrimp Rimicaris exoculata
ISME Journal , in press

Lahmouzi J., Farache M., Umana M., Compère P., Nyssen-Behets C., Samir N. 2012.
Influence of sodium hypochlorite on Er:YAG Laser-irradiated dentin and its effect on the quality of adaptation of the composite restoration margins
Photomedicine and Laser Surgery 30(11): 655-662.

Tielemans M., Saloukas I., Heysselaer D., Compère P., Nyssen-Behets C., Nammour S.  2012.
Management of root perforations using MTA with or without Er:YAG laser irradiation: An in vitro study
International Journal of Dentistry 628375: 5p. 

Montchowui E., Compère P., Thiry M., Lalèyè P., Philippart J.-C., Poncin P. 2012.
Histological assessment of gonad maturation in Labeo parvus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in Benin
African Journal of Aquatic Science 37 (2): 155-163.
Corbari L., Durand L., Cambon-Bonavita M.-A., Gaill F., Compère P. 2012.
New digestive symbiosis in the hydrothermal vent amphipoda Ventiella sulfuris
Comptes Rendus - Biologies 335 (2): 142-154.

Hoyoux C., Zbinden M., Samadi S., Gaill F., Compère P. 2012.
Diet and gut microorganisms of Munidopsis squat lobsters associated with natural woods and mesh-enclosed substrates in the deep South Pacific.
Marine Biology Research 8: 28-47.

Sabri A., Hance T., Leroy P., Frère I., Haubruge H., Destain J., Compère P., Thonart P. 2011.
Placenta-like structure of the Aphid endoparasitic wasp Aphidius ervi: a strategy of optimal resources acquisition. 
PLoS One. 6(4): e18847.

Gillet A., Compère P., Lecomte .F, Hubert P., Ducat E., Evrard B., Piel G. 2011.
Liposome surface charge influence on skin penetration behavior.
International Journal of  Pharmaceutics 411: 223–231.    

Moureaux C., Pérez-Huerta A., Compère P., Zhu W., Leloup T., Cusack M., Dubois P. 2010.
Structure composition and mechanical relations to function in sea urchin spine.
Journal of Structural Biology 170: 41-49.
Hoyoux C., Zbinden M., Samadi S., Gaill F., Compère P. 2009.
Wood-based diet and gut microflora of a galatheid crab associated with Pacific deep-sea wood falls.
Marine Biology, 156: 2421-2439.

Becker P.T., Samadi S., Zbinden M., Hoyoux C., Compère P., De Ridder C. 2009.
First insights into the gut microflora associated with an echinoid from wood falls environments
Cahiers de Biologie Marine 50: 343-352.

Gillet A., Grammenos A., Compère P., Evrard B., Piel G. 2009.
Development of a new topical system: drug-in-cyclodextrin-in-deformable liposome.
International Journal of Pharmacology 380: 174-80.

Tielemans M., Compère P., Geerts S.O., Lamy M., Limme M., De Moor R.J.G., Delmé K.I.M., Bertrand M.F., Rompen E., Nammour S. 2009.
Comparison of microleakages of photo-cured composites using three different light sources : halogen lamp, LED and argon laser : an in vitro study
Lasers  in Medical Science 24: 1-5.

Jacoby M., Cox J.J., Gayral S., Hampshire D.J., Ayub M., Blockmans M., Pernot E., Kisseleva M.V., Compère P., Schiffmann S.N., Gergely F., Riley J.H., Pérez-Morga D., Woods C.G., Schurmans S. 2009.
INPP5E mutations cause primary cilium signalling defects, ciliary instability and ciliopathies in human and mouse.
Nature Genetics 41: 1027-1031.

Willems L., Rodet J., Pouclet A., Melo S., Rodet M. J.,  Compère P., Auler A.S. 2008.
Karsts in sandstones and quartzites of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Cadernos Lab Xeoloxico de Laxe 33: 127-138.

Corbari L., Zbinden M., Cambon-Bonavita M.-A., Gaill F., Compère P. 2008.
Bacterial symbionts and mineral deposits in the branchial chamber of the hydrothermal vent shrimp Rimicaris exoculata: relationship to moult cycle.
Aquatic Biology 1: 225–238.
Ladrière O., Compère Ph. , Decloux N., Vandewalle P. , Poulicek M. 2008.
Morphological alterations of zooxanthellae in bleached cnidarian hosts.
Cahiers de Biologie Marine 49: 215-227.                                                                      

Corbari L., Cambon-Bonavita M.-A., Long G., Grandjean F., Zbinden M., Gaill F., Compère P. 2008.
Iron oxide deposits associated with the ectosymbiotic bacteria in the hydrothermal vent shrimp Rimicaris exoculata.
Biogeosciences 5: 1295-1310.

Martinez A.-S., Charmantier G., Compère P., Charmantier-Daures M. Lenoir S., Pagnoulle Ch., Galleni M., Compère P., Jérôme R., Detrembleur C. 2006.
Polyolefin matrixes with Permanent Antibacterial Activity: Preparation, Antibacterial Activity, and Action Mode of the Active Species.
Biomacromolecules 7: 2291-2296.

Martinez A.S., Charmantier G., Compère P., Charmantier-Daures M. 2005.
Branchial chamber tissues in two caridean shrimps: the epibenthic Palaemon adspersus and the deep-sea hydrothermal Rimicaris exoculata.
Tissue Cell 37: 153-165.

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Polyphase karst system in cretaceous chalk and calcarenite of the Belgian-Dutch border.
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie  51:  361-376.
Zbinden M., Le Bris N., Gaill F., Compère P. 2004.
Distribution of bacteria and associated minerals in the gill chamber of the vent shrimp Rimicaris exoculata and related biogeochemical processes.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 284: 237-251.

Compère P., Jeuniaux Ch., Goffinet G. 2004.
Chapter 3, The Integument : Morphology and Biochemistry
In Treatise on Zoology : Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology, vol. Crustacea, Forest J., von Vaupel Klein J.C.,  Koninklijke Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands. 1-85.

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Comparative degradation rates of chitinous exoskeletons from deep-sea environments
Marine Biology 143: 405-412.

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Mineralogical gradients induced by Alvinellids at deep-sea hydrothermal vents.
Deep-Sea Research 50: 269-280.

Compère P., Versali M.-F., Goffinet G. 2002.
Glycoproteins from the cuticle of the Atlantic shore crab Carcinus maenas: I. Electrophoresis and Western-blot analysis by use of lectins.
Biological Bulletin, Woods Hole, 202: 61-73.

Compère P., Martinez A.-S., Charmantier-Daures M., Gaill F. 2002.
Does sulfide detoxication occur in the gills of the hydrothermal vent shrimp, Rimicaris exoculata?
Comptes rendus de Biologies, Académie des Sciences, Paris, 325 591-596.

Willems L., Compere P., Hatert F., Pouclet A., Vicat J.-P., Ek C., Boulvain F. 2002.        
Karst in granitic rocks, South Cameroon: cave genesis and silica and taranakite speleothems
Terra Nova 14: 355-362.

Jabrane A., Sabri A., Compère P., Jacques P., Vandenberghe I., Van Beeumen J., Thonart P. 2002.
Characterization of serracin P, a phage-tail-like Bacteriocin, and its activity against Erwinia amylovora, the fire blight pathogen.
Applied and Environment Microbiology 68: 5704-5710.

Maneta-Peyret L., Compère P., Moreau P., Goffinet G., Cassagne C. 1999.     
Immunocytochemistry of lipids : chemical fixatives have dramatic effects on the preservation of tissue lipids.
Histochemical Journal 31: 541-547.                                         

Compère P., Thorez A., Goffinet G.1998.
Fine structural survey of the old cuticle degradation during premoult in two Atlantic European crabs.
Tissue & Cell 30: 41-56.
Willems L., Compère P., Sponholz B. 1998.
Study of siliceous karst genesis in eastern Niger : microscopy and X‑ray microanalysis of speleothems.
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie 42: 129-142.

Ameye L., Compère P., Dubois P. 1998.
Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the early calcification site and of its mineralizing organic matrix in Paracentrotus lividus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)
Histochemistry and Cell Biology 110: 285-294.



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